Bob Wells Radio

Bob Wells Radio

"On a Roll" U.K. Pilot Game show agreement with Bob Wells show producers - Arlington Lane and Bryan Kreutz 

On A Roll Gameshow TV-Pilot Format of the USA Version from Howard Huntridge Kiss-Media

 actual video link "On A Roll " Pilot from the presenter himself Greg Scott

This all occurred during the first season of Rescued Nation TV, which their radio show Rescued Radio was on the sister station KSTL to our show "Bob Wells show" on KJSL. Arlington Lane and Bryan Kreutz shopped a number of other game show formats and talk show formats to production companies in and around St. Louis and the Midwest. Notably this one from Producer Howard Huntridge himself. Here's his IMDb page: IMDb: Howard Huntridge

Ultimately the pilot of "On a Roll" had to be sold and re-shot by a U.S. based production company, mainly because of the illegal gambling allegations of game-shows in the U.K. before and during this time.